"Capalot takes the morning sun"

Capalot vineyard, La Morra, Piemonte

The Capalot vineyard is made up of a number of parcels of different ages which face east in a medium-high area overlooking the hamlet of Santa Maria, at an altitude varying between 295 and 440 metres.  For those who know their way around it is located on the left side of the road that winds down from La Morra to Santa Maria.

It was made famous by a legendary wine from Roberto Voerzio, namely the Barolo Riserva Vecchie Viti dei Capalot e delle Brunate (Roberto leased these vines from Alberto Burzi until a few years ago).  Only made in magnums, it was made from 1995 to 2010.  These bottles are still around at auctions setting you back 300 Euro or more.  I am happy to tell you that wines from Capalot are available at much lower prices than this today.  This part of the vineyard is called Gasprinam and has mostly south exposure, and supplies grapes for the Capalot barolos made by Burzi, La Roncaglia, and Crissante Alessandria.   The “other” part of the vineyard is often referred to as La Pria.  “Pria” was local dialect for “stone”, hinting to the nature of the soil – sandstone rock, together with clay-calcareous Marl with veins of sand. Indeed, significant fossil finds have been recovered on the site, demonstrating the marine sedimentary origin of the soil.

Masnaghetti labels this geology with MSAl, and adds that this terroir providing elegant wines, with a touch of tannic depth and character.

Almost 80 percent is planted to Nebbiolo, with dolcetto and barbera makes up the rest. Barolo wines made with Capalot on the label include  Barolo Capalot and Barolo Capalot La Punta by Crissante Alessandria, Barolo Capalot Vecchie Viti by Alberto Burzi, Barolo by La Roncaglia, Barolo Capalot by San Biagio, Barolo Capalot by Santamaria, and Barolo Capalot by Cristian Boffa.