Cristian Boffa Barolo Capalot Mantenere

Cristian Boffa

Attention to detail, ambition, and humbleness describes Cristian Boffa, who makes wines with a sense of place from vineyards in La Morra and Serralunga in Piemonte

A number of great things in this world started out in a garage, with what was the beginning of Apple working out of the Jobs family garage perhaps being the most famous.  Like many bands before him, Cristian's first steps as a winemaker was in a garage. In his case, like Steve Jobs, in the family garage in Santa Maria.

Cristian owns vineyards in La Morra and in Serralunga.  Perhaps the most prolific being Capalot, which is the winery's current flagship barolo.   Juice from the winery's holdings in the Meriame vineyard in Serralunga is currently not bottled, but hopefully we will get to try a Boffa Meriame in the not too distant future.

In modest quantities, Cristian makes a Barbera d'Alba (from vines in Bettolotti and Roggeri), a Langhe Nebbiolo (from Santa Maria vineyard), and two barolos.  The Capalot, and a "base" Barolo.  The ladder is made from grapes from different vineyards in la Morra, and will probable change name to Barolo del Comune di La Morra.

More to come.